Is StarCraft 2 Losing Its Popularity In The Competitive Circuit?

The original StarCraft came out in 1998; it was a juggernaut of a game that changed the face of eSports forever. Though the game wasn’t equally well received all around the world, it was insanely popular in some parts of Asia where competitive leagues were arranged for this game with an ever increasing prize pools. StarCraft 2 was released in 2010 amongst a lot of anticipation and trepidation. Some hoped for a blockbuster while others were worried that it won’t be able to live up to its predecessor.

The rise of StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 seemed poised to dethrone StarCraft with its brand new improvements and loyal to the roots storyline. The shiny new graphics, top notch physics and all round overhauls helped establish the game as a staple to competitive eSports fans. The fact that Blizzard actively sought to make this game a market leader and did everything they could to make it attractive to professional players, didn’t hurt either. The game was an out and out success; millions of dollars were being made in in-game purchases as well as in competitive leagues. Betting on matches at sites like were at an all time high.  During 2013 the game was immensely popular and money was flowing in but this is also the year when other games especially the MOBAs began to pull in more and more players. LoL or League of Legends would soon usurp SC2.

Still popular but clearly declining

SC2 is indeed still very popular; it’s still one of the top five games with respect to prize money. It’s still streamed quite frequently worldwide. But quite a few games have surpassed SC2 now in terms of popularity and money making potential; but that being said, the game isn’t down and out yet. It is probably the only RTS that is still around and thriving in a market largely dominated by MOBAs. There is still a lot of potential in the game, and Blizzard could still bring SC2 back to the top if they went about it the right way.

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