Interesting Information on MLtek Archive Manager

In order for a complete understanding of MLtek’s product, hear is a great articles about archiving software.

Facts on Archive Manager

Basically this software has many interesting functions which many Archive Manager software products do not have. MLtek has developed this program for archiving software to be:

  • Most effective software of this type on the market
  • Most cost effective among these types of software
  • Able to handle many files
  • Many companies around the world use this software

Flexible storage

This software is extremely flexible and lets you run a project that moves files from any UNC pathway to any other UNC pathway. UNC means “Universal Naming Convention” which is the standard for identifying resources that are shared on a network – such as servers and printers. It also let you use older storage devices that have been stored somewhere just taking up space and collecting dust.

1st tier storage

But you can also archive to a shared space on 1st tier storage and this software also compresses old files in order to save space.

Marks where files are

This software will use several types of stubs that can be left in place after the files have been archived. But if you need to reverse the process because you have done something wrong it doesn’t take the entire IT department to figure out what you didwrong. Archive Manager is very easy to use.

Large user base

It is an established software product that currently has a significant user base and is in use with a very large number of companies in 40 countries around the globe.

Really HUGE files

This software is able to handle HUGE files with the largest files system managed by MLtek Archive Manager is 3.4 PetaBytes.

Free license

A free license is available for your company to try out the Archive Manager Program. You just need to download the software and start using it in smaller projects. This is done because for every free license there are numerous software packages that will be sold. This company does not want you to buy their software unless you are certain that you will be happy with it.

Visit MLtek website for more information about archiving software.

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